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Planning with Senior Leadership, Developing a Comprehensive Strategy, and

Driving Results through Plan Implementation.

  • International Strategic Plan Development and Execution - many companies fail internationally because there was no strategic plan and appropriate internal resources.  Creating a working plan drives a business to commit to international business growth, which is a key driver in any business development success.

  • Branding/Brand Development - it is vital for any successful brand to make sure key brand attributes are leveraged when expanding into international business or developing brands for the international marketplace.

  • New Product Development - understanding market trends and new product platforms from around the world can help business cut through the guess work of knowing which forms and varieties to develop depending on consumer segmentation audience.

  • International Retail Auditing - inspecting retail execution ensures real time and true checks on proper pricing, shelf presense, promotion execution, and assortment.  A company's sales results strongly depend on the ability to drive sales through retail execution excellence.  Overlaying an audit program in conjunction with in-market partners can mean the difference between meaningful success and adequecy.

  • USDA Market Access Branded Program Management for US manufacturers. 
















Project Management, Supplier Vetting and Negotiations, Logistics, Order Execution

  • Branded products - For International partners such as import distributors and major retailers, we can locate the branded products from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia. 

  • Contract Manufacturing - we can assist in locating the right production partner for pet food or treats.















International Sales and Marketing Management,

Buyer Negotiations, Logistics, Order Execution

  • Branded Food Companies - We provide a high level of service and focus in developing international sales and brand marketing.  Utilizing a vast network of in-country importer distributors and foreign retailers, we are able to immediately begin product assessment process in many markets around the world. 

  • Contract Manufacturing Companies - We look at strengths and assess market opportunities to help increase the success rate of negotiations.  We are in contact with branded companies in many markets around the world.





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