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Cultivating long term international partnerships.


Servicing manufacturers and import distributors.


Building brands market by market.


Atlas International CSB understands the intricacies of developing meaningful long-term international business.  We stive to provide importers with great brands and product lines within the pet food category.  Our clients represent brands and product ranges  in almost all sub categories from food&treats to health&care.  


With 20+ years of experience developing meaningful relationships with customers around the world, the Founder and President, Robert S. Eisenberg, is ready to actualize your international business endeavours.   Our services are divided into three key areas, providing clients with specialized attention.

For import distributors and major retailers, allow Atlas International to work with your team on brand and product solutions for your pet category.

If you are seeking to grow your global business, Atlas International  CSB can be your solution to growing your brand and international business.  


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